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Securities lending & borrowing capabilities


  • REPO;
  • Securities lending and borrowing;
  • Total Return Swaps;
  • Tri-Party Agreement.


GMRA, GMSLA, ISDA, Terms of Business.


Equities, Bonds, ADRs /GDRs, ETFs.


Russia, Emerging Markets, EU, United States.

Outstanding portfolio

More than $ 1.5 billion: 70% — Bonds, 30% — Equities.

Assets available for lending

  • Local Russian Equities — $ 500mln;
  • Russian Government Bonds (OFZ) — $ 100 million;
  • Russian and Foreign Corporate Bonds — $ 1 billion;
  • ADRs / GDRs — $ 200 million;
  • International Equities — $ 50 million.

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