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Exchange Technology

MICEX and RTS operated as separate exchanges until a couple of years ago when they merged; from a technology perspective, they still operate as two separate platforms.

The MICEX platform, launched in 1994, is based on a redeveloped OMX platform – this is where equities and FX markets trade. The RTS platform, originally developed in-house, is where the derivatives market resides, having just launched a new faster transactional binary protocol called TWIME.

Although based on completely different technology, both have two options for “native” (exchange controlled) interfaces:

  • API (Linux or Windows interface);
  • FIX trading/FAST data.

Following recent upgrades on both platforms, the internal latency of each matching engine is around 500 microseconds.

The MICEX (equity and FX) and the RTS/FORTS (derivatives) matching engines are based on the M1 datacentre in Moscow. The next major IT project will be to relocate collocation centre from M1 to DataSpace (Dataspace to become Primary site in November 2016 – M1 to become DR).

BCS offers its clients’ assistance with setting -up co-location facilities at M1. Co-location details can be found at: rts.micex.ru/a1243.

The exchange also operates PoP in London at LD4, Frankfurt, Chicago and NYC. Full details can be found here: rts.micex.ru/s674.

BCS’ IT boutique offers its clients high-end solutions

  • Infrastructure optimised for stability, high throughput and low latency
  • State of the Art equipment
  • Redundancy
  • Flexibility
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Hosting solutions

  • Co-location: BCS currently offers its clients to co-locate at Moscow Exchange, LSE, Equinix London LD4 and Equinix Frankfurt FRA2
  • Proximity: BCS provides proximity hosting in InterXion LON1, Equinix London LD4 and Moscow M1 data centers

Connectivity solutions

  • BCS is a state-registered provider for connectivity services
  • Clients have access to unique ultra-low latency solutions between Moscow, London and Frankfurt

IT equipment solutions

  • Equipment leasing
  • Virtual servers
  • Smart hands
  • Emergency support

IT Consulting Services

  • Exchange Connectivity;
  • Market Data;
  • Hardware consultation/purchase/import.

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